How to spot fake K Beauty and other skincare products!

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How to spot fake K Beauty and other skincare products!


Unfortunately fake/counterfeit K beauty products and skincare products have been on the rise and we want to help you spot fake products if you're not buying from us. Below are some of the ways to tell if a product is fake or not!


The packaging 

A classic way to tell if a product is fake or not is by the packaging! Look online and on social media to see how the products actually look and then compare. Sometimes it can be as simple as words being misspelled or even as big as name changes! The font, colours and layouts of the design of the product are all signs if a product is fake or not.

Physical Packaging 

The physical packaging is another way to tell if a product is fake. Does the box look different from what its supposed to look like? Check what material the actual product is made of and compare it to the one you are buying. Is the product supposed to be glass but the one you're purchasing is made out of plastic? These are all signs you should look for!

Of course sometimes brands can have different variations of the same product, but when in doubt ask the brand directly to confirm!

The Actual Product

How does the product compare to the videos you see online? Does it have the same texture? Does it smell like how the people are describing it? 


The location

If people are selling it off the street or you come across a product at a dodgy place, chances are, the product is not genuine! 


We hope we helped you to spot fake products in the future and not fall victim to them!

The Beauty Regime Team

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